Frequently Asked Questions

What is this blog about?

It’s been said that everyone has a story to tell. Except I’ve never told mine, at least not this version of it. And as I sit here, typing the answer to this question, I can only wonder the same thing. What is this blog about?

It’s definitely not a blog about cute, cuddly kittens – no, no. The Internet does not need anymore of those. I see enough of them on Instagram as it is. If this blog is anything, it is my story, narrated by me and lived by me. Within these pages, I hope to sincerely express how food affects me, emotionally speaking, and how it connects me to the ones I love and even to the ones whom I’ve just met. I hope to show you why real food inspires me and how it energizes me like nothing else can. This is a true story built on real and honest emotion. And like any great story, there are sure to be twists and turns and frost giants and fire-breathing dragons and unexpected crossbows to the heart… Whoa, whoa. Sorry about that. Too much Game of Thrones lately. There will definitely be no crossbows or dragons, or frost giants for that matter. But this story ultimately leads to a place where the protagonist (me) experiences authentic growth – in the kitchen and also as a person. Contrary to what I’d like you to believe and what I often tell Mary, I don’t know everything. In fact, there is much I do not know. My hope is that this blog will teach me something about myself and help me (and you) become better cooks; ones who see food differently with a ripe perspective and an appetite for the unfamiliar.

If you’d like to learn more about me and why I really started this food blog, then pour yourself a hot cup of homemade bone broth and go read my story, the 1st Ed. Also, make sure to stop by my Instagrams and say Hello.

Do you accept samples? Can we send you our product to blog about?

I would be honored to receive your product. However, acceptance of your sample product does not guarantee that I will blog about it. Please visit the contact page if you’d like the mailing address.

Do you review cookbooks?

Yes, I love cookbooks. The best ones are reliable like a close friend. You turn to them again and again because you know that they’ll come through for you; they’re the ones with duck fat stained pages and gluten-free flour dusted cover jackets. I’m very careful about what I promote though, so if you would like to send me your book please allow time for me to put it through its paces before publishing my review online. Also, my readers will be more interested in gluten-free and Paleo cookbooks, but I love all sorts of cookbooks, especially ones with beautiful photography and charming stories.

What about sponsorships, ads, networking, and mutual linking?

Please shoot me an e-mail if you want to discuss anything like this. I’m not sure how I feel about placing ads on my front page, though.

Do you review restaurants?

I honestly don’t eat out much anymore due to the high value I place on my diet, but if you’ve got some gluten-free options you’d like me to promote, I’d be happy to come for a taste and take some photos while I’m there.

I found a typo or other error on your site. What should I do?

If you’ve found a typo, then congratulations! I don’t make many of thos. Please send me a brief note explaining where you found it and what you think it should say. If I’ve made a mistake inside a post, such as with a recipe or perhaps I’ve misquoted an article, please just leave a comment on that post, and, if necessary, I’ll fix it. I was just joking about ‘thos’. Please don’t send me an e-mail about that.